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The faculty’s vision includes securing excellency and uniqueness in the provision of the academic programs and research activities in the managerial and economic sciences in Egypt and the neighboring Arab and African countries according to the international standards. As well as pooling resources in an environmental context.

Achieving excellence in similar national and regional programs.


The faculty’s mission includes the effective contribution in forming the intellectual capital as well as the creative and professional skills in the fields of management, accounting, and management information system in order to meet the Egyptian; Arabic and African market needs and to help in the development and solving the problems of these countries. It also focuses on the quality of the educational inputs and outputs through using unique techniques.

Applying the modern and credential learning techniques as well as the total quality standards to prepare qualified people professionally as well as academically in managerial sciences.


1-      Improving learning and education.


2-      Improving post graduate programs to meet the needs of the society.


3-      Improve social services.


4-      Improve the managerial and organizational capabilities as well as developing the personal resources.


5-      Acquire the academic accreditation.

1-   Enable students to acquire the knowledge and skills in the fields of management, accounting, customs and management information systems.

2-   Improve the programs’ lingual outputs and provide feedback to meet the market needs in the commercial transactions.

3-   Improve the academic capabilities in the English and French programs in order to be able to apply it.

4-   Improve the abilities of the students enrolled in the English and French programs through small working teams.

5-   Improve the team members’ skills through small working teams which will allow them to deal with others.


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